How to Use Google Search for Images That You Can Reuse

images that you can reuse.

Tired of using stock photos of companies that are too expensive? and you wish that someone could give you images that you can reuse.

shutterstock logo
Shutterstock an example of a stock photo company

well for others using stock photo companies is their first choice, but for us who are just starting to write or create simple websites that cost will accumulate and often you’ll find yourselves all of your earnings will just go to the stock photos companies.

there are a lot of free stock photos. our personal favorite is unsplash.

now how to use google image search for our advantage start by going to google.

google image search

enter the keyword you want to search then hit search, click the images tab at the tab

after the image loaded click tools on the middle right near settings, then new settings underneath will open.

select usage rights.googleimage select usage raights

then select the applicable settings for you those include.

  • not filtered by license
  • labeled for use with modification
  • labeled for reuse
  • labeled for non commercial reuse with modification
  • labeled for non-commercial use


for our case lets select labeled for use with modification.


now all images that will return are images that you can reuse.

now if you ask,  do I need to link back the images to the original images?

the answer is you’re not required as there is no attribution needed however for the sake of the original author or some viewers sometimes want to view the original especially if its a beautiful image you may do so.