Netflix Bug Bounty Program is now Public

Netflix opens its Public Bug Bounty Program

Netflix Today opens its public bug bounty program where any researcher who can find bugs/flaws throughout its platform can earn up to $15,000.

the company announced the launch of its public bug bounty program. The Company Started with a responsible vulnerability disclosure program in 2013 and in 2016 open its private bug bounty program through Bugcrowd with 100 researchers on board. since then Netflix invited almost over 700 researchers to participate and has received 145 submissions since the launch.

Netflix joins other companies that have public bug bounty programs such as Intel, Google, DJI and twitter to find security flaws before they can be used by hackers to create damage and any other malicious attack. on average Netflix pays almost $1000 dollars for valid submission through its Bugcrowd platform and view other details regarding this HERE.

the company almost paid up to $15,000 for this program, We now wonder what bug could it be to cost such massive amount.

the highest Bug Bounty Payout to this day is from Microsoft which paid for almost $200,000

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You may also submit your bug reports or join the program HERE