PayMaya Philippine’s version of Stripe/Paypal

PayMaya Offers What?

PayMaya Visa Card
PayMaya Visa Card

PayMaya? Yup PayMaya the Wallet App that offers Virtual And Physical Visa cards that allow users to load up the digital wallet and use them online.

So What’s the big deal about that? Well, last 2016 PayMaya Offers Its Payment System to be publicly available to developers to allow developers to integrate the PayMaya payment platform, this allows web developers and other companies to take advantage of a local payment processor, normally companies will use the well-known payment processors such as PayPal and stripe to be able to use credit card payments thru online transactions if you’re a developer who needs to charge users you may already have PayPal on your e-commerce sites.

This allows users/developers/e-commerce owner to use PayPal as their payment processor and integrate them into their website.

As of Now, only Paypal is the only payment processor in the Philippines that allows any individual or SME to accept credit card payments to your site or e-commerce website Since the alternative Stripe is still not available in the Philippines. Big corporations use PesoPay a Philippine payment processor but you need to be a qualified merchant to be able to access PesoPay.

this leaves small time business such as small e-commerce websites, Dropshippers to use Paypal as Paypal only need a user registration and small requirements to be able to use their service.


paymaya developers logo
PayMaya developers logo

As of now, you may use the PayMaya SDK Located HERE.

PayMaya still lacks a developer registration process like Paypal and Stripe has and as of now, we’re still unsure how to use the integration of the platform to a website, although PayMaya created add-ons for WooCommerce And Magento for Simple Integration for the said E-commerce websites.


once we figured out how to use the PayMaya SDK will teach you how to integrate it into your Website.